Executive Staffing

Right Step provides best Executive Staffing services and creates value for its clients by combining its over 8 years of recruitment experience across wide sectors with 20 years of experience in managing business operations in India.

With our expertise in building organizations and the understanding of business across a wide spectrum of industries, we successfully help our clients in achieving their objectives of – entering Indian market with a low cost set up.  Our Executive Staffing services are best suited for international clients looking to set up low cost office in India. wherein we provide a combined service offering of -  “People”, “Workplace infrastructure” and “Administrative Supervision  & Support” enabling our clients to quickly set up the India operations without worrying about the need for costly and cumbersome legal, taxation & regulatory  compliances required if they were to set up their own office in India.



When international firms first look at India most have unanswered questions about the Indian market and the scope of growth. As part of Right Step’s Executive Staffing Services, we offer a holistic service offering that answers all the questions for companies looking to enter the Indian market and also subsequently set up a low cost office in India.



Global companies are unaware of the scope of the market opportunity for their products, or the competitive scenario of the India market. They have unanswered questions about the market size, pricing, scope of growth, cost of operations, where, how & who will manage set up, barriers to entry, barriers to exit etc..



We provide you Executive Staffing Solutions and Services with a comprehensive solution for your entry in Indian market wherein we help you understand the business scenario and your industry in India and then provide you Executive Staffing sevices and solutions wherein we hire on your behalf your team in India and provide them with “required infrastructure to work” and  “administrative supervision & support” so that they focus and deliver your business objectives.


You don’t need to register your company in India or worry about any compliances, we take care of everything you need for entry in Indian market.



Pre-entry – market study

Hire Industry Experts with Local Market knowledge for your industry / domain. Our Executive staffing consultants are well networked in their respective domains and you benefit from their relationships !


Low Recruitment Cost

Our Executive staffing consultants manage the entire hiring for your India team at very nominal charges


No worries about Over Heads for India Team.

You focus and pay only for the people you employ. No botheration to hire a Finance, Taxation HR & Administrative support. These over head expenses and the associated risks are high; when all that you want is a handful of sales or customer support team based out of India. Since these over heads costs are managed and absorbed by our Executive staffing consultants, therefore the cost is low and you only pay for what you need and use.


No Risk.

Setting up your own legal entity in India, involves complicated compliances and regulatory risks for any International Firm.  With our offering you are covered.


Quick Start up.

Your India team can be up and running in less than a month


Flexibility in Exit

In case of any unfortunate circumstances or business viability issues, you can wind up India operations with a month’s notice and exit.


Hassel free & low cost start up



What Sets Us Apart

Strong Culture of Client First
Small Firm - Stronger Business Focus
Best in class intake of Consultants, Training and Development
Specialized teams for different industry verticals.
Speed Quality Quantity
Process Oriented Workflows
Process Oriented Workflows
Industry Mapping Approach
Across Levels - Front line to Executive Search
Customized Solutions to Client Needs
Head Hunting & Executive Search Experts
Multiple Sector experience

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