Corporate Recruiters


Corporate recruiters are responsible for sourcing candidates to fill open positions. They are typically the primary source of contact for potential hires. Recruiters may focus on a specific experience level or job specialty, such as recruiting executives or informational technology candidates. These recruiters interview potential candidates and may also conduct background and reference checks, and new hire orientations. Recruiters also maintain relationships with hiring managers to stay up-to-date on the employment needs of specific departments or the company as a whole. These professionals typically work for the company in which they recruit for, although, some work for recruiting agencies.

Corporate recruiters should have a few key skills to find success in the field. These include strong verbal and written communication skills, relationship-building skills, customer service skills and decision-making skills and an attention to detail

Right step consulting has worked with leading organizations to identify their human resource needs and maximize employee productivity. We have grown into a full-service recruiting and staffing firm and  helped many of businesses build their teams with top talent. We emerged as one of the best Corporate Recruiter among all others.

 We as a corporate recruiter are not only responsible for more than just finding appropriate talent to fill one position but also write job descriptions, screen resumes, interview candidates, extend job offers, implement onboarding strategies and keep accurate records of all candidates and new hires.

Our Corporate Recruiters seek out qualified candidates by placing job ads, attending career fairs and networking.

One of the requirements of corporate recruiters is to make candidates feel at ease. In addition, they will be required to build relationships with corporate and academic contacts and professional organizations. Our Corporate recruiters hone their interpersonal skills by attending networking events or training courses.

Our Corporate recruiters can work with any industry. However, the skills required for candidates in one industry may be quite different than the skill set for others. By establishing a niche, our recruiters can build relationships within the industry and stay abreast of field-specific recruiting practices.




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